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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Current Painting Inspirations

The following photo's are my inspiration for my current should be done by the weekend..... 

As alway's there is a pattern background in my pet portraits , in my current painting it is a sarape' or a indian blanket

Same as before I add a second object in the painting besides the pet and in this case it's the annoying crow. My pet, Houston, loves to stalk birds, he will sit under a tree for what seems to be hours just gazing up at the birds. I really wonder sometimes....does he really think he's going to catch one?

Houston is the subject of this portrait. He is a hunter, if it moves
he is determined to stop it in it's tracks. It took forever to teach him that
neither me or anything else in the house that moved was included in
his open season of the hunt, unless it was the occasional cricket. Have you ever seen a cat catch a cricket and then....yes that's right, here it comes....wait for it.... have it for dinner ? 

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