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Thursday, November 4, 2010

EDITORIAL – L'OFFICIEL on the Behance Network

Who doesn't appreciate beautiful fashion, fashion shows and fashion photography?  I love clothes and try to imagine how I would look wearing them....I believe what I wear makes a statement about who I am....that being said, I could not possibly wear everthing.

Yes, this is my style with just one problem, the climate I live in would only allow me to wear this for 4-6 weeks of the year. I love the 4 seasons and can't wait to break out the layers and wear them...Trench Coats, hats, gloves, cashmere, leggings. sweaters, vests, twees.....

What an interesting silouette, the jersey fabric is very unforgiving, better break out the spanx for this one. I would pair this with a cape or maxi-jacket and wear it to a performance or an event outdoors such as art walk, christmas caroling, outdoor concert or holiday gala.

Totally not me but what fun to let your imagination go the models position in the photo...lame' leggings would be a great way to extend your wardrobe this holiday....quite festive don't you think?

I'm in !  The silouette, the hat , leggings and boots !  Yum yum....on my way to the sewing machine to knock this one off.

How retro is this? A bit costume-ey I think...But I am inspired because I love costumes, wear them and share them with my friends. This is an inspiration for a skirt redeaux on one of my costume treasures in my storage closet.

You know I'm loving this one. Once again...the hat and hot hot.

This could very well have come from 1960's inspiration. I remember when my mother work the button down cotton dress, belt at the waist. The ruching in the skirt with a hint of lace petticoat is so playful...I love it, I'm  in.

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  1. Fashion is not a definition of who we are it's a personal statement