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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Painted Bottles

I have this phobia about prohibiting waste. That phobia has extended to my arts and crafts. With that being said I have been painting, touching up and repainting everything around my house. This only happpens when I put too much paint in my artist pallette while working on canvas. I am a beginner in painting you know, part of the learning process with acrylic paint is learning how much paint to put on the pallette, otherwise it dries and becomes a very expensive waste.

Some of the things I started painting were spar jars, cans and bottles around the house. Not to mention things that were already painted but needed a touch up.  This bottle & jar painting has now turned into a passion, I really love it and so do my friends. Being on a busget makes you think out of the I gave a few of these clever bottles away for Christmas.

so...other than I wine decanter what is there to do with these bottles ? Well.... 

 They can be used as a chalkboard or magnet board as you can see. I used magnetic chalkboard paint for the black label on the bottle, and yes, if it's a magnet you choose, do what I did, but a spool of magnet stripping than can be cut to size & glue your wine corks to it.  I painted the tips of the corks in quirkey matching colors.

Uses so far include
  1. Wine Decanter
  2. Message Board (Magnetic)
  3. Chalk Board, I recommend oil base pastel chalk pencils
there' still is a 4th use ....

For my plants I use these decorated bottles as watering globes...all I do is replace the cork with a simple metal wine service know like the ones you see in the bar when the server pours alcohol or wine?  I have purchased aqua globes for as much as $9.00 each like the one pictured below.

okay....well that's all for now...I am still having fun and experimenting with these bottles and plan to use other mediums sucha as lace, wax, chains, string and more to stay turned.

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