Hot Fall

Friday, September 23, 2011

deDeanna's Simple Pleasures' favorites

Fred Wilson: Grey Area (Brown Version), 1993Emile Robert:  French art nouveau gates, Brooklyn MuseumBets' mantle piecemetalled skyscraper, Broadway, New YorkMary McCleary: When Sparrows Fell (2001)Mary McCleary
Mary McClearyMary McClearyMary McCleary: When Sparrows Fell (2001)Moma advertisementChuck Close: Lucas (1986-87)Chuck Close: Lucas (1986-87)
chuck close painting - up close!Jean Tinguey: Narva (1961)David Smith: Becca (1965)van Gogh:L'Arlesienne (1888-89)Henri Matisse: The Red Studio ( Autumn 1911)Edward Hopper: Gas (1940)
Paul Cezanne: Still Life with Apples ( 1895-98)Vladimir Baranoff-Rossine: Symphony Number 1 (1913)Pablo Picasso, Guitar (after March 1914)pink pooches, New Yorklow relief deco lion, New Yorklow down Broadway deco dooors, New York

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