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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Beach

What a fantastic collaboration and approach to cleaner oceans and beaches around the world. It does take a village of the right kind of people to start a movement such as this.....will there ever be too many of us out there leading,engaging and promoting the cause? I think not.

The phrase in this clip "if the beach is something you love and enjoy then you should take care of it by doing your part" . What a bold statement to make to someone, but you have already earned the right to make such a statment by being an example and getting recognition...that's how the conversation get's started in the first place, don't you think?
An amazing approach of just being on the beach, others around you who don't even know you, they observe your behaivior with respect and admiration and then, before you know it they follow your lead and your example.
I will probabaly do a blog post here about the other part of this collaboration, that is not shown here in this clip. It would be a post on my blog about who would be the inspired, where does the trash and plastic go, how is it used, is there art, jewelry, skate/surf boards, tiles, etc etc etc ...and what does it look like...I would really like to know, wouldn't you?

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  1. Dear deDeanna,

    What a fantastic message! I'm so glad I found your post, this video "One Beach" is very inspirational and heartening. I will be sharing this via Facebook.

    Thank you! :)